Tuesday, April 30, 2019

"The (Over) Thinker"

The Thinker by Auguste Rodin (1902)2nd Samuel 17.14
The Living Bible

“Then Absalom and all the men of Israel said, -‘Hushai's advice is better than Ahithophel's.’ For -the Lord had arranged to defeat the counsel of Ahithophel, which really was the better plan, so that he could bring disaster upon Absalom!”

In my senior year of high school I applied and received acceptance to attend the University of Washington. What would I major in? I was drawn to enroll in the Art School but I could not allow myself that privilege. Limited logic overrode my heart and I concluded, “I need to make money to survive in this world. I don’t want to be a starving artist.” So I earned a degree in a field of science - fisheries and biology. It did not occur to me then that there are plenty of starving scientists. I now regret not making the decision I once feared I would now regret. 

After college I pursued a post-graduate degree in neither art nor science. Four years earlier, I had very much wanted to attend art school at U of W. A degree in art would have qualified me to enter theology school just as well as a degree in science. Instead, I over-thought my decision and suffered through four years of college preparing me for an industry I never pursued. I should have paid attention to my instincts and heart’s desire.

Absalom made the same mistake. He over-thought his decision. Ahithophel gave sound advise. “…arise and pursue David tonight… while he is weary and exhausted” (2nd Samuel 1-2). If Absalom was to usurp the kingdom from his father, he must act fast, gather the troops, and capture David immediately. Instead, he became too logical. “Now call Hushai… and let us hear what he has to say” (2nd Samuel 17.5).

Hushai’s counsel was opposite of Ahithophel’s. He advised Absalom to wait, gather the entire nation, and “personally go into battle” (2nd Samuel 17.11). Unknown to Absalom, Hushai was a spy for David and his counsel gave the rightful king much needed time to prepare his defensive forces. Absalom lost this valuable time. He weighed two decisions and made the wrong one.

Most decisions are easy, if you don’t over-think them. You will never have enough facts, counsel, or evidence. You may create a spread sheet, carefully weigh the pros and cons, and still make a bad decision. You may make a few mistakes, but remember this... the perfectly logical choice is not always the right one.

As a child of God you can trust the leading of the Spirit of God, make a decision, and go with it. Don’t be an overthinker.  

“For all who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God.”
Romans 8.14 New Living Translation


"The Thinker" is a bronze and marble sculpture by French artist François-Auguste-René Rodin (1840 – 1917). It was completed in 1902 and now on display at Musée Rodin, Paris.


Christina Newland said...

I like your comment that you will never have enough (all the) facts, counsel or evidence and that we can always trust God to show us the way. Thanks.

davescriven said...

Hey again, girl. Thanks for the comment. Want to hear Adonica's comment to me after reading this post... "You said most decisions are easy if you don’t over-think them. That’s an interesting insight coming from an over-thinker!" Hmmm.