Friday, January 20, 2017

"Hold Steady Under Fire"

Genesis 49.23f “The Message”

“The archers with malice attacked, shooting their hate-tipped arrows; 

But he held steady under fire; his bow firm, his arms limber, 

With the backing of the Champion of Jacob, the Shepherd, the Rock of Israel.”

Joseph received Jacob’s death-bed blessing in recognition of his courage in the face of persecution.

“He held steady under fire.”

Will you run and hide when arrows of persecution and flaming darts of criticism fly your way?

“Hold steady under fire.”

Your soul silently screams surrender when adversity threatens to crush your spirit of hope.

“Hold steady under fire.”

You are tempted to hurry to your own defense before others can vindicate you.

“Hold steady under fire.”

Quick results are not forth-coming and you are desperate to take another, easier path with fewer delays and and more manageable obstacles.

“Hold steady under fire.”

You’re alone and no one seems to care. You’re afraid, hurt, wounded, and bleeding.

“Hold steady under fire.”

You are backed by “the Champion of Jacob”, sustained by “the Shepherd” of your soul, and standing on “the Rock of Israel”.

“Hold steady under fire.”

The interesting photo "Bow & Arrow" was shot by Chris Preedy of England in 2008 and used by permission on this blog entry. Her subject was the statue of Robin Hood at Nottingham Castle. Her work can be viewed at

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