Monday, November 20, 2017

"How Could I Not Know?"

Ezekiel 20.9 AMP

“…I made Myself known to them by bringing them out of the land of Egypt.”

Can you prove the existence of God? I can, to my own satisfaction. I am convinced He is real because He acted on my behalf. The Lord made Himself known to the nation of Israel thousands of years ago “by bringing them out of the land of Egypt.” He revealed Himself to me in exactly the same way. I know the reality of Christ because He did for me what He did for the ancient Israelites. Jesus brought me out of the land of bondage. My deliverance proves His existence, at least to me. Twenty-two years ago I was homeless, living in my car and desperate for help. I invite you read "My Story" and here’s a few of excerpts…

“I well remember my lowest point. My mind was occupied with persistent and nagging thoughts of hatred, bitterness, and self-destruction. I was on emotional autopilot, intent only on surviving one miserable day at a time. Life, it appeared, had played a cruel joke on me. I could not even imagine myself as a pastor of a church, a husband, or a real dad. That life was gone forever. My calling to the ministry, my dream of a happy home, my desire to father my children was nothing more than a quickly fading memory and replaced with an overwhelming sense of hopelessness.”

“Yet I recognized the still small voice of Jesus from somewhere in my past. I truly had ‘hit the bottom’ and it was now time to choose life or death. I found out I really wanted to live and I needed Christ to do it. He was summoning me to rely on Him. Jesus Christ would never forsake me. I became aware of my need for a Savior more than ever before. I humbly asked Jesus to give me a second chance. I decided to live.”

And “live” I did. I experienced a wonderful ending to an incredibly difficult story. I am Ebenezer Scrooge... I woke up from a very bad dream and was given a second chance at life! This is how I know God is real… He delivered me!

“I made Myself known
to them by bringing them out
of the land of Egypt.

I am the “them” of whom God speaks. God gave me an amazing life and beautiful wife who, after twenty years of wedded bliss, recently went to be with Jesus. I miss her terribly and have only a foggy idea how to navigate life without her. But I am confident He who helped me in the past will help me again. I have seven fabulous children, a nice home, a good reputation, wonderful friends, self-respect, and even A+ credit. Based on where I came from, how could I possibly not know Jesus Christ loves me? 

How could I not know God is real?


One Sided said...

Thank you

LVT said...

Dave have you read "Same kind of different as me" ?

Like yours it is another powerful revelation of the healing og God.

Dave Scriven said...

Hi Larry. No, I have not heard of that site. Can you send me the link? Dave