Wednesday, June 21, 2017

"Some Good"

2nd Chronicles 19.2b-3 NLT

“Because of what you [Jehoshaphat] have done, the Lord is very angry with you. Even so, there is some good in you, for you have removed the Asherah poles throughout the land, and you have committed yourself to seeking God.”

I am encouraged to know that God recognized “some good” in Jehoshaphat even though he sinned. I am not intrinsically good. I am, rather, prone to sin. The prophet's acknowledgement of “some good” in Jehoshaphat gives me hope. 

I am deeply aware of my some of my short-comings. There are probably plenty more I am still learning about. Like the skins of an onion, I am becoming more and more cognizant of my depravity one layer at a time. I know I deserve the wrath of the Lord as penalty for my sin. 

Nevertheless, Jesus speaks reassuringly to my heart, “Even so, there is some good you.” That is the “good” only Jesus can impart which He does so freely. 

Today I am grateful for the hope I have in the redemptive work of Jesus in me.  

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