Wednesday, April 04, 2018

"Why Pray?"

Luke 24.17-19 BBE

Jesus: “What are you talking about…?”

Cleopas: “Are you the only man living in Jerusalem who has not had news of the things which have taken place there at this time?”

Jesus: “What things?”

Jesus posed a rhetorical question. “What are you talking about?” He was God. He already knew what they were “talking about.” Jesus knew all about “the things” Cleopas and his traveling companion were discussing. He was the subject of the rumors. Jesus was up to speed and fully aware. 

So why the inquiry? He asked not because He needed to know. He asked to engage the people He loved. Jesus persisted in His initiative, “What things?”

Jesus wants to engage you. “What are you talking about?” is a question designed to get you into a conversation with Jesus. Don’t dismiss prayer because you know He already knows anything you’d have to say. Prayer is not for the purpose of providing intelligence to God. He’s got all the information He will ever need. Prayer is for you. When you need someone to talk to, Christ offers a willing ear. “What things” matter to you? Those “things” also matter to Jesus as you will discover in conversation with Him. He will provide divine perspective and “open your mind to understand the Scriptures” (Luke 24.65). Talking with Jesus will heal your soul and strengthen your spirit. 

Tell someone who really does care. Tell Jesus.

Note: The beautiful picture of the boy praying above is entitled “Lord, Hear His Prayers” and is used here by permission of the photographer, Julie with “~The Olis In 'Consin~'s photos”. You can view more of her wonderful work at

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