Wednesday, March 07, 2018

"Monsters Can't Hurt Me"

Luke 4.35 The Message

“Jesus shut him up: ‘Quiet! Get out of him!’ The demonic spirit threw the man down in front of them all and left. The demon didn’t hurt him.

When my youngest son was 11 he was afraid of monsters. He would not go upstairs at night alone. If his younger sister accompanied him, then together they would find the courage to ascend the steps and fend off fiends found lurking behind doors or shower curtains.

My boy has never seen A Nightmare on Elm Street (and with any luck, he never will), but somehow he knew who Freddy Krueger is. He thought Freddy lived under his bed. You and I know Freddy Krueger is a fictional character in Wes Craven’s Nightmare on Elm Street horror film series. We know Freddy is actor Robert Englund under pounds of believable makeup. We all know Freddy Krueger cannot hurt anyone. But still, he’s pretty scary. 

Horror is not my artistic genre of choice. I’ve never seen, nor do I ever care to see, a ‘slasher’ film. I did not watch The Exorcist in 1973 nor did I preview the sequels, Exorcist II and III in 1977 or 1990. I hear the 2004 Exorcist prequel is just silly. I won’t allow movies that portray the demonic into my mind or home. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the obvious creativity and hard work that must go into an excellent horror flick. It’s just that I choose not to tempt my imagination with the fears a frightening film might arouse in me or my family. Demons are real and I choose not to play around the edge of where fantasy and reality meet.

Demons have the power to influence and control human lives: “The demonic spirit threw the man down.” But the power of Jesus is even greater. In the presence of Christ, the demon knocked a man down but it “didn’t hurt him.” Jesus made the angel of darkness be “quiet” and “get out.” Thankfully, demonic impact is minimal for those who remain in contact with Jesus. Jesus is greater than all the demons I will ever face. They cannot hurt me. 

The devil may throw a good “man down,” but he cannot “hurt” him because...

“greater is He who is in you [and me] than he who is in the world.”
1st John 4.4


Moriah Conquering Wind said...

i was inhabited and controlled by these entities for 26 years and recently (december 2009) got set free. yes, they are real, and yes, Jesus Christ protects us from them and His is the only power that can set us free from them.

i am very grateful, very VERY grateful, to be free, and the only thing i want to do now with my life is worship and serve Yeshua (Jesus) forever, and learn to obey Him in all things, because i adore Him. He has been so compassionate and loving toward me and i so do not deserve His mercy because i was such a vile, depraved creature, but He has saved me and He has made me into a completely different creature, one that delights to obey Him and loves His truth and His light. i am so grateful. i wish i could share with the whole world what He has done for me!! God bless you in your ministry.

Dave Scriven said...

That's so great. Thank you Moriah.