Wednesday, February 26, 2020

"Cheap Awareness"

Mark 15.10 AMP

“For he was aware that it was [because they were prompted] by envy that the chief priests had delivered Him up.”

My oldest son is a smart guy and loaded with pithy sayings. I get one of his zingers whenever I dare to offer free, cheap, fatherly advice: “I am aware father” or, if he really wants to drive his point home, “I am aware David.” 

I want to say: “If you are so aware why don’t you do what I tell you?” 

I resist that temptation because I am aware that my son is only attempting to explain: “I am aware of your opinions, dad,” not “I will immediately implement your fantastic ideas.”

Awareness does not always translate to action. Pontius Pilate had acute awareness of the situation regarding the chief priests and Jesus. The Bible says, “he was aware.” Apparently the governor’s awareness made no difference at all to the outcome of the trial. The priest-incited crowd shouted, “Crucify Him!” and Pilate “wishing to satisfy the crowd… handed Him over to be crucified” (Mark 15.14-15)... in spite of his awareness.

Does my awareness impact my behavior? Will I take action when I become aware of a situation that demands my response? Or, will I choose to ignore a wrong I could make right?

Image above "Pontius Pilate – The Roman Procurator," Latin dedicatory inscription, Roman Theater at Caesarea, 26-36 AD, Stone, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

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