Tuesday, January 16, 2018

"My Personal Something Greater"

Matthew 12.42 NAS

“The Queen of the South… came from the ends of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and behold, something greater than Solomon is here.”

I once dreamt I was driving on a gray, cold, rainy day. I pulled into fast and heavy traffic on a four lane road. The window wipers suddenly stopped working. The defroster would not clear the windshield. I was not wearing my seat belt and I could not slow down or stop the car. The peril of my dilemma became rapidly apparent. I was driving at least 65 miles an hour in the left lane inches from oncoming traffic… and I could not see where I was going! Horns were honking and I was seconds from a crash that would kill myself and others. I panicked and screamed, “Jesus! Help me!” Then I woke up. 

In my dream (or should I say nightmare) I needed “something greater” than myself. I was driving toward destruction, fast. Without divine intervention, I was doomed. On the brink of disaster and desperate for someone to rescue me, I cried out for help from “something greater” than me. In my sleep I instantly and instinctively knew who that was. 

Jesus is my personal “something greater.”


[1] “The Queen of the South” came from the land of “Sheba” which may have been located in southern part of the Arabian Peninsula or the regions of Ethiopia. Pictured above are the Pillars of a Sabaean moon-god temple in the desert near Marib, Yemen, which some believe to be part of the kingdom ruled by the Qeen of Sheba recorded in both the Bible and the Koran. This gorgeous photograph was shot by Steve Raymer on assignment for National Geographic. His article "North Yemen" appears in the magazine's August 1979 issue, but without this photograph. 

The Queen’s quest, recorded in 1st Kings 10.1-13 and 1st Chronicles 9.1-12, was to verify reports the greatness of Solomon and discover for herself his vast wisdom. What she found at Solomon’s home in Jerusalem was “something [even] greater” than she expected. In fact, it took her breath away: “There was no more spirit in her” (1st Kings 10.5).

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