Tuesday, October 17, 2017

"Superficial Healing"

Jeremiah 6:14 HCSB

“They have treated My people’s brokenness superficially, claiming: Peace, peace, when there is no peace.”

I’ve had plenty of cuts and scrapes in life. Some of them required stitches to properly heal. The emergency room doctors numb up the wound, then scrub it vigorously with anti-bacterial soap before reaching for needle and thread. The sequence is important. If the healing practitioner sews first and scrubs later, bacteria will be trapped under the skin and causing  infection. Superficial treatment of a deep cut will not heal the wound.

Most people are emotionally wounded in one way or another. They appear healthy but can carry within themselves a lifetime of unresolved conflicts, a string of broken relationships, and a general sense of chaos. It’s amazing how much quiet pandemonium hurting people can tolerate and hide from those who care. Easy fixes and their promises of “Peace, peace” simply do not work. The walking wounded eventually discover “there is no peace.” They choose to live with their brokenness and learn to accept inauthentic solutions to real problems.

I don’t know how to heal the wounded. I can’t even heal my own woundedness. But I know Someone who can. He’s a real doctor, a physician who refuses to treat my “brokenness superficially claiming: Peace, peace,” when there is none. He’s the Great Physician and I need Him.

“It is not those who are well who need a physician, but those who are sick.
I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.”
Jesus, Luke 5.31-32 NAS

Jesus came for people like me.


One Sided said...

You have sparked so many thoughts.
like; the difference in tolerance, Why do some howl when other simply ignore the scrape?
and Normal, what happens to a person when pain, wrong and bad become the norm?

Dave's Bible Blog said...

hi one-sided,

you're right. this concept goes in a lot of directions. sometimes i wonder if it is best to try to bury and forget a hurt. mostly, i want to disclose and deal with issues. that't why this verse in Isaiah about superficial healing really jumped off the page at me in my reading yesterday.


One Sided said...

If hurt can be laid in the ground and not dug up.............For two letters "if" is a really big word.