Wednesday, September 04, 2019

"Sacred Cow Tipping"

Proverbs 21.22 The Amplified Bible

“A wise man scales the city walls of the mighty and brings down the stronghold in which they trust.”

I avoid changing my mind at all costs. Adopted positions develop into infallible “strongholds” and shape my destiny. I surround my strongholds with walls of arguments that safeguard my sacred opinions and cherished ideas. These “walls” define me to outsiders.

Wisdom demands that I periodically venture outside myself, turn around, and take a hard look at my defining walls. If I don’t like what I see I should muster the courage to ‘scale the walls and bring down the mighty strongholds’ and make my thoughts “obedient to Christ”...

“The weapons we fight with… have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments... and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”
2nd Corinthians 10.4-5 NIV

Tearing down the strongholds of your rigid theories and prized positions may be the toughest battle you’ll ever fight. Go there with Jesus. ‘Scale the city walls of your mighty’ points of view. ‘Bring down the strongholds’ of your precious dogma. Tip over a few of your favorite sacred cows. Put your trust in Christ and make your thoughts wholly obedient to Him.


One Sided said...

Okay, that one is from left field."A mind is like a diaper."

There is room for discussion in this example of yours. Disposable or cloth diapers?

davescriven said...

Hey One-sided,

We've used both cloth and disposable with our kids.

There is, of course, plenty of room for discussion on this rather earthy example.

Your Friend,