Wednesday, September 25, 2019

"Crushed But Not Pulverized"

Isaiah 28.28 NLT

“Grain for bread is easily crushed, so he doesnt keep on pounding it. He threshes it under the wheels of a cart, but he doesnt pulverize it.” 

The crushing weight of life’s hardships is a painful and wonderful thing. Dedicated Jesus followers must prepare to suffer. Harvested wheat is threshed, or crushed, until the outer crust, called chaff or straw, is torn away. Jesus knows me on the inside. The grain of my essence is apparently valuable to Him. The threshed pile of useless matter called “Dave’s way” is thrown to the sky. The process of ‘winnowing’ separates the grains of wheat from the lighter, worthless straw shell which is blown away by the force of a gentle wind.

The farmer is not yet making flour. At this stage, he works only to separate the grains of wheat from the chaff. The process requires beating or crushing. Ancient farmers strapped oxen to carts with heavy wheels and rolled over the wheat on hard threshing surfaces until the separation was complete. The farmer was careful to crush the shell, but not pulverize the grain.

Four years ago, I lost the love of my life. My dear Adonica died of Leukemia on August 30th, 2015. I may still be in the grieving process and unable to offer myself definitive explanations for the pain I felt. I was hurt, badly. I felt beaten, pounded, and threshed. Did I grieve as I should, or fall into despair? I hope there is a redemptive purpose in my suffering. Somehow I know I will survive. I often felt like dying, but I didn’t die. I’m still here. The loss of my wife was, and remains to be, painful beyond words, but it didn’t kill me. I was crushed and heartbroken, but I was never be pulverized into the dust of nothingness. Farmer Jesus loves me too much for that.

“We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not
in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed...
2nd Corinthians 4.8-9 Third Millennium Bible


Dave Stewart said...

Dave - thanks for sharing your journal entry. I thought the verse sounded really familiar, like I was reading it just this morning. Sure enough, it's because I still use your annual Word Traveler study plan for my own M-F reading and journaling!

My own journal entry had to do with Isaiah's "song of the vineyard" which had a lot of meaning for me today.

Anyway, thanks again for putting together that annual plan. I still use it and enjoy it.

And for the substance of your journal entry today, it's a firm promise that the winnowing isn't endless. And I have been praying for you in this time.

davescriven said...

Hi David,

I responded to your comment yesterday from my phone, but I don't think it worked, so I will try again this morning.

First of all, thank you for your prayers. I need them. I feel broken and lost, but I assume that is normal during a time like this. You are a good man and friend.

Also, thanks for telling me about using the Word Traveler reading plan. That was very kind of you and encouraging and meaningful to me. I still use it as well and publish it each year.

I'm really glad you took the time to comment. I appreciate you, Dave.