Friday, August 02, 2019

"Be Here If Here is Where You Want to Be"

Psalm 45.10-11 “The Message”

“Now listen, daughter, don't miss a word: forget your country, put your home behind you. Be here — the king is wild for you. Since he's your lord, adore him.”

Psalm 45 was probably written sometime during Solomon’s forty reign as king of Israel (c.a. 970-930 BC). It describes the beauty of the bride of Solomon and the absolute devotion she offers him. The psalm is reminiscent of the Song of Solomon and its amazingly detailed description of Solomon’s courtship with his gorgeous Shulammite bride. Solomon’s love for his bride is unmistakable as translated by these versions of Psalm 45.11…
“The king longs for your beauty” GWT
“The king is entralled by your beauty” NIV
“So will the king have a great desire for you” BBE
I especially like Eugene Peterson’s paraphrase of this passage in “The Message”...

“The king is wild for you”

The king is nuts about his fianceé. And why not? She’s the woman of his dreams. There’s only one thing this woman of “inward beauty” (Psalm 45.13 CEV) must do. She must “be here” for her king...

“Forget your country, put your home behind you. Be here – the king is wild for you.”

The future queen has a choice. Be wed to the king or remain with her family. A new home or the old one. The choice was hers. Marriage is like that.

“For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother,
and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh.”
Genesis 2:24 NASU

You can’t be married to both your spouse and your parents. You must leave one to have the other. You must “be here” if here is where you want to be.

Psalm 45 and the book of Song of Solomon portray accurate historical details about a king and his lovely bride. These sections of Scripture also contain present day application. You are the lovely Shulammite bride. You are beautiful in the eyes of King Jesus. You are His dream come true. He’s literally “wild for you.” You are described in the book of Revelation as “the bride, the wife of the Lamb” who soon will be “made ready… adorned for her husband” (Revelation 21.2). You are the church, the bride of Christ, and the object of His unfathomable and never-ending love. You make Jesus’ heart beat just a little faster.

King Jesus “is wild for you.” Like the bride of Solomon, there’s just one thing you must do... Be here if here with Jesus is where you want to be.

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