Wednesday, July 03, 2019

"Just Show Up"

Nehemiah 4.20 AMP

“In whatever place you hear the sound of the trumpet, rally to us there. Our God will fight for us.”

We are not alone. “God will fight for us,” All we have to do is… show up!

 About twelve years ago, a very dear brother and friend lost his wife after a fifteen year struggle with cancer. I knew I must call him. I clearly heard “the sound of the trumpet... rally” me to his side. I had no words to share. I did not want to make the call. I felt afraid and awkward. I dialed the phone. “Hi Scott, it’s Dave.”

Scott took it from there offering encouragement and strength to both of us. His words were powerful, filled with wisdom and hope. I mostly listened. I wasn’t asked to say much which worked well since I didn’t know what to say. Scott knew why I called. I simply loved my brother and felt sorrow. I hoped somehow to convey that. I heard “the sound of the trumpet” in my soul. I was compelled to show up, even if only by phone. Scott helped me. His words catapulted us both into the presence of Jesus. I felt it. I know he did too.

Thank you my brother Scott for the compassion you showed an awkward friend who had nothing to say. Thank you for sharing your grief with me, both its sorrow and victory. I am honored to know you.

Scott said he appreciated my call which, of course, is amazing. He meant it. I had very little to give. I just dialed the phone. I heard “the sound of the trumpet... rally” me to share Scott’s time of pain, so I picked up the phone. Scott and Jesus took it from there. 

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