Thursday, March 16, 2017

"Never Be Afraid to Cry Out"

Deuteronomy 22.25-26a, 27 The NET Bible

“But if the man came across the engaged woman in the field and overpowered her and raped her, then only the rapist must die. You must not do anything to the young woman - she has done nothing deserving of death
…for the man met her in the field and the engaged woman cried out, but there was no one to rescue her.

My boy is a little lamb. He is blameless in almost every way. He proves his innocence every time he opens his mouth and expresses wonder at the world around him. I delight in this child. His goofy smile. His pure heart. His ability to cry when someone else gets hurt. The kid is so unlike me. I was a rowdy ten-year old. My boy is gentle, genuinely kind, and in love with Jesus. He is a pure soul and a pure delight to my soul. I cannot imagine how I would feel if someone intentionally hurt this little guy.

It is impossible to protect my son from suffering the small inequities common to all children. He will experience ruthless reality of pain, betrayal, loss, and disappointment. but I can try to keep my boy from growing up too quickly. Life’s harshness and his purity will soon collide. Loss of virtue will happen. It’s inevitable. My wife and I instructed our son to speak up loudly should he ever suffer a serious violation at the hands of a bigger, stronger individual, even an adult he feels is out of line. We encourage him to trust his instincts and never be afraid to make noise when he senses something is wrong. I want him to learn appropriate emotional and physical boundaries so that if or when they are transgressed, he will instinctively cry out for justice.

There is place of child-like innocence somewhere inside of you and me. We must protect this sacred place at all costs. Jesus resides with you there. It is a wonderful place where purity and cleanness reside. You may have given your innocence away by your own free will, but no one should ever be allowed to forcibly take it from you. If anyone tries, blow the whistle, even after the incident. Scream out from your soul. Make some noise. You have “done nothing deserving” of this treatment. Resist their attempts to dominate you. Cry out for justice. You will be heard. Jesus will send His angel to protect you. He will rescue you.


My youngest son is no longer ten years old, but he still exhibits a purity of heart that seems to me to be quite rare in most eighteen year old men. I sense it will continue. His mother, my dear wife, died of Leukemia about eighteen months ago. She would be so proud of our son.

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