Tuesday, September 01, 2020

"Hang Up My Glove? Not Yet!"

Philippians 3.13b; 16

“…forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead.”

“…let us keep living by that same standard to which we have attained.”

I respect my son Eric. He had a good run in sports. Starting with T-ball at the age of seven, he never stopped performing as an athlete. He was a three-sport Varsity starter (point guard, wide receiver, and short stop) for his last two years of Beaverton High School. At graduation ceremonies, Eric was named “Athlete of the Year” as the top pick of coaches from all High Schools in the Beaverton School District. He played for the Knights, Nike’s elite baseball team and went on to become a Hilltopper for Western Kentucky University’s D-1 ball club. After college Eric played independent ball for the Joliet Jackhammers, Kansas City T-Bones, Ainslie Gungahlin Bears (Austrailia), Yuma Scorpians, Tijuana Cimarrones (Mexico), and the Edmonton Captitals (Canada).

I closely followed twenty consecutive seasons of my son’s athletic career and loved every minute of it. Eric hoped to break into the majors but he never did. Eventually, Eric did what every athlete must do... hang up his glove (or jersey). It was painful for me when my son announced, “Dad, it’s over.” I did not want it to stop. I enjoyed the combination of Eric and sports far too long to easily give it up. 

Here’s what I especially liked about my son’s infield achievements... when Eric bobbled a ball he never looked back. It appeared to have no effect on him. He had a strong history of amazing plays and contributed heavily to many winning teams. So, when he made an error he never lost confidence. Eric just kept his eye on the goal of the win.

I bobble the ball on occasion... say the wrong thing, regret a decision, irritate a friend, jump to conclusions, lack sensitivity, act without grace, behave selfishly, choose self over others, etc., etc. It’s hard to make a comeback after an error. But Christ commands me to forever forget “what lies behind and reaching forward” go for the big win “ahead.” Until then I must “keep living by the same standard” of faith and performance to which I have already “attained.” 

It doesn’t help the team if I quit or throw my glove down early. The game’s not over yet. There are still crucial innings left to play. I must keep my head in the game. It’s not yet time for me to hang up my glove.


One Sided said...

I love new insight to the Word.


I sent your words on to my Bible Study Class.



ejs7 said...

Thanks dad. That was very well written. Never let your mistakes keep you down.