Friday, June 29, 2018

"My Parent Paul"

Romans 13.14 NASU

“But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh in regard to its lusts.”

“Put on your coat,” I used to holler at my kids when they ran outside to play on a cold day. Why did I care? They obviously didn’t know any better. They were so intent on playing with their little friends that they easily forgot the essentials… shoes, coats, going potty, etc. I cared about their welfare more than they did. That’s a parent’s job.

Today, Paul is my parent and reminds me to “put on the Lord Jesus Christ.”

I become so intent...
obsessed, hell-bent, preoccupied, fixated

...on playing with my little friends...
work, money, busy schedules, television, unending list of distractions, etc.

...that I can easily forget the essentials.
relationship with Jesus, prayer, Bible, seeking God, loving others, etc.

Sometime in my very near future, I will go outside and face cruel and wild forces of adversity, cold winds of failure, sub-zero temptations of the flesh, and the freezing power of fear. I should anticipate the conditions and listen to my parent Paul...

“Put on Jesus”!


jeff said...

As I continue to grow in the Word, I am more conviced than ever that we absolutely can not stand in our own strength. I know, I've tried and failed many times!

In my prayer this morning I've "put on Christ" by asking him to reign in my heart, my thoughts and my life all day long. Thanks for pointing to the light that is Christ!

JT said...

It is over 100 today in South Carolina. I am still going to put on my "Coat". God bless you.

Dave Scriven said...

thanks JT.